Scions of Caledonia: When you need the Elites

Shane Palmer
Image of Tempestus Scions squad

I needed some heavies. I needed some Tempestus Scions.

While the early mustering of the 920th had a solid core of infantry and heavy weapons teams, we’d need some elites to get us out of stick situations, infiltrate where needed, and look badass as a Kill-Team.

I had enough Tempestus Scions arms and weaponry lying about to kitbash some Special Forces style Stormtroopers. Thanks once again to Rob’s spare bitz.

Leaning on an SAS / Commando vibe, the Scions of Caledonia don’t exactly blend into their surroundings; but then that’s not the point.

These are the guys who appear when the enemy least expects it. They’re dead sneaky – and then strike with surgical precision. Sending waves of fear and panic through the enemy, before disappearing back out of sight. Leaving behind nothing but bodies, and the flurry of red coats and swooshing kilts.

The Scions again followed the tried and tested method of Victrix torsos and legs with Games Workshop arms and kit.

Elite Caps for Elite Troops

However, I wanted them to stand out as elites. The classic Highland Bonnets of the infantry didn’t quite gel for the Scions.

I loved the berets of the GW Scions – especially as an alternative to helmets. Only the best get the coolest hats.

After a deep search online through various 3rd party sculptors, I settled on the Victoria Miniatures Balmoral Cap Heads.

Put simple: these heads are stunning. The perfect epic scale to align with GW moulds, the level of detail in these is brilliant. They have a smooth efficiency about them. And do they look Scottish…

Work in progress Scions
The Scions start to take shape

The Scions followed a similar style pattern to the infantry; red coats, blue-green tartan with simple white and red threads, but highlighted with antique-white armour with a gold trim.

Converting the Scions

I Lacked enough backpacks to fill out the squad. So I scratch-built a number from spare vox-casters and the shovel backpack from the Heavy Weapons sprue. After cutting down the vox-caster, I sculpted (first attempt!) the roll-mat from modelling clay, which works well-enough.

Work in progress Scion
The high-tech detail of the Scion armor

I’ll need to wade into green-stuff territory for future sculpts, it seems smoother and easily to work with.

For the connecting rifle-to-charge pack wiring, I found simple black twist-ties worked perfectly. They were surprisingly modular, sturdy and well-behaved when fitting together. They’re the slightly thicker variety, from various home-accessory things my partner has ordered online.

Image of Tempestus Scion miniature
Down the sights…

Leading the Scions

The Tempestus Prime needed to stand out from the squad. So naturally a bolt pistol and power fist fitted the bill (and add some close-quarter spice on the table).

The Prime simply couldn’t have a backpack. I wanted an extension of the tartan, often worn in more formal occasions, which is fitting for this chap.

The tartan sash was created from a spare Warhammer Chaos Marauder pelt. It was slightly cut down to fit and flow off the left shoulder.

“Bah laddie, officers don’t lug kit around the battlefield…”
Image of Tempestus Scions squad
“Shoot ’em doon lads!”

Ready to deploy:

The squad of 6 scions will form the strong core of a Kill-Team. But there’s room for some extra support; like a sniper. Or Commissar.

Armed with their high-tech Hotshot Lasguns, the Scions will provide some precise elite firepower for the 920th.

Completed Scions of Caledonia

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