Given an old second hand Nikon 35mm SLR for Christmas as a 15 year old; Shane developed a passion for photography and the magic of capturing a still moment of the world.

Currently shooting with a Nikon D7500, Shane loves to shoot a mixture of portrait and landscape photography.

Prague Charles Bridge
Berlin Spree RIver
The Mandarin
Eat Fresh Pizza
Grand Canal Venice
Pier Hook
Prague Charles Bridge
Berlin Spree Night River
The Mandarin
Eat Fresh Pizza
Grand Canal, Venice

Quick stop, photo opportunity!

Susan Palmer

It was a phrase coined by Shane’s mum Susan; when the need to suddenly stop everything, whip out the camera and snap something arose.

This trait soon infected Shane as well. He often crashes into bollards, fences and oncoming pedestrians while his eyes are glued away, searching for the next photographic opportunity.

An avid traveler, Shane’s camera is the first thing packed when he ventures to a new location; having previously photographed parts of Europe, North America, New Zealand, South East Asia and Australia.

From creative shoots, to citycapes, to events, Shane has shot a wide range of fabulous people, fantastic locations and even a ferocious viking.

Check out some of his galleries below:

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A great headshot is every actors best friend. As a working actor, Shane has a keen eye for what works in an actor’s headshot, and how to create a unique portrait of a performer.

See some of his actor headshots below:

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Got a property to lease? Or looking to put your home on the market? Shane has a knack for finding the wonderful and unique for each property, and how to best capture that; to make your listing stand out from the crowd.

For a look at his portfolio, click below:

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Need a new profile for Linkedin? Or want to update the staff portraits? Shane can capture the perfect corporate headshot for you, either on location or at the office. He can shoot individuals, groups or even the office dog!

You can see some of his previous corporate work below:

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