Let’s Paint! Diving back into the world of miniatures

Shane Palmer

While rehearsing and producing the solo play Echoes of Villers-Bretonneux, Rob and I rekindled a childhood love of miniature soldiers, beginning with the Lord of the Rings themed Middle Earth Battle Strategy Game.

On various trips to our family homes in the Victorian countryside, we unearthed near-forgotten boxes from the old collection, which hadn’t seen the light of day or a gaming table for years.

After dusting off the old minis, we decided a bit of TLC was in order, and a trip to the hobby store was needed.

We gleefully bought paints, brushes, glues and files and the big repainting job on the old metal and plastic figures began!

The 920th Caledonian Highlanders, a custom Imperial Guard army created by Shane Palmer.
The 920th Caledonian Highlanders

Of course, it didn’t take long before new minis were included into the collections, and the pull to start new armies began.

We also started gaming semi-regularly; until the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our ability to meet up and watch a Mordor Troll smash through a bridge of Elves, or see Boromir shield away a horde of Moria Goblins, or marvel at the beauty of the Witch King smashing through half of the Pelennor Fields, only to decide he’d had enough, fail a leadership test and fly away – with the rest of the horde fleeing in his wake!

Uruk-hai of Isengard assault the battlements of Helms Deep, in a Middle Earth Battle Strategy Game.
The Uruk-hai climb the Deeping Wall

After thoroughly enjoying battles in Middle-Earth, it was time to dabble into the worlds of Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar.

My initial thoughts of not caring for 40k quickly shifted to adding in just a few more Dark Angels. And a Dreadnaught. And after initially being drastically opposed to Age of Sigmar (how dare they!) I soon warmed to the concept; I mean, Space Marines with hammers, fuck it; why not?

Dark Angels ready themselves for the silent, lumbering advance of the Necrons during a Warhmmer 40,000 game.
The Dark Angels ready themselves for the silent, lumbering advance of the Necrons

As the miniature collections grew, expanded and continued to grow in painting ability and creativity, it seemed unfair for these minis to simply sit on a dusty shelf; it was time for a painting blog.

Miniature Collections


920th Caledonian Highlanders

Dark Angles 5th Company

Space Wolves – Coming Soon

Nurgle Plague Guard – Coming Soon


Age of Sigmar: Dominion

The Empire: Talabheim – Coming Soon

Forces of Chaos – Coming Soon

Lizardmen – Coming Soon


Riders of Rohan – Coming Soon

Mordor – Coming Soon

Minas Tirith – Coming Soon

The Last Alliance – Coming Soon


Napoleonic Wars: French 13th Foot Dragoons

Napoleonic Wars: 42nd Regiment of Foot – The Black Watch


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