Heavy Weapons Teams – “I want that obliterated; and quickly!”

Shane Palmer
Caledonian Highlander heavy bolter team

The 920th Caledonian Highlanders were always designed to be unique. Continuing the blend of Victrix Napoleonic Highlanders and Games Workshop Cadians, the Heavy Weapons teams for the 920th aim to blend the old with the new, and look pretty bloody braw in those kilts.

Largely due to the immense amount of spare time we’ve had locked inside during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been able to spend weeks fiddling about with the Heavy Weapons teams, to get the aesthetic I was going for.

I love to tinker with new ideas, other-think ways of making a miniature as dynamic as possible, and to create figures that really stand out on the gaming board or the shelf.

Options Galore!

The Victrix Highlanders box has 60 multi-part troops inside, including 4 kneeling to shoot; which are perfect for the Caledonian weapons team gunners.

Rob very generously donated his left-over Cadian sprues, which had a ton of weapons, accessories, kit and bitz; perfect for a kitbash like these. I also love recycling, and finding different uses for parts otherwise cast into a dark drawer and forgotten about.

Running away with it…

I’d created the initial three teams, a Heavy Bolter, Lascannon and Missile Launcher. But I soon felt the itch to begin tinkering again.

This blog by Captain Brown maximised the bitz of the Cadian Heavy Weapons sprue. The sprue is very modular, with the amount of kneeling torsos, shooting arms & heavy weapons included.

I absolutely fell in love with the pair of gunners running through the battlefield, finding another position to set up.

The team has a wonderful WW2 machine gun team vibe. I love the idea of creating motion to an otherwise stationary miniature.

So of course I had to have a crack at one for myself!

Caledonian Highlander heavy bolter team GIF
The second Caledonian Heavy Bolter team

The Streets have no-name

With the larger size of the bases, the Heavy Weapons teams called for a vignette-style design.

They’re too big for just rubble and flock – so here was another chance to tinker!

First I found some large cobblestone bases at Mindgames in Melbourne. Next I began to create dynamic mini scenes for the teams, with the small bits of scenery all scratch-built.

The sandbags were very satisfying to make, however they sat neglected in the shame pile on my desk for months. Then when I got around to painting them, it took maybe 20 minutes?

With four teams completed, and plenty of bitz to still use, next up is a Mortar and Autocannon team!

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